By Eleanor Eggers, Ph.D., LP, BCB, (Senior Fellow)

My Gift to You​

This website is my gift to you.  It will teach you what you can do for yourself to overcome your stress disorders.  It  will also teach you how to stay calm.  Most of us have stress disorders of some kind because we all must cope with a variety of problems and expectations.  They may vary widely with regard to their severity from mild and a mere nuisance (e.g., cold hands) to serious and life-threatening (e.g., high blood pressure).

On this website you can learn several kinds of relaxation therapy techniques.  You can choose which one(s) you want to practice. They are quite effective for eliminating stress disorders and very easy and even pleasant to do. Some of them can be practiced while doing other things, thus requiring no extra time at all.  The benefits of practicing them are enormous, both short-term and long-term, even for people who do not have any stress disorders.  They have been thoroughly researched, and their effectiveness has been firmly established.

Caution:  This approach is presented as supplemental to medical care by a physician, not as an alternative to medical care. You must never reduce or eliminate your medication without the explicit instruction to do so by your physician.  Please make sure that your physician approves before you use relaxation therapy to treat the stress component of any potentially serious condition.